Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April is Spring Sewing Month!!

Is Spring finally here yet? In my part of the world, you just never know. Right now I'm still seeing snow out on the sidewalks. I remember one year when it was still snowing in the first week of May, and then the next week it was between 5-10 Celsius, and then the week after that it was in the 25+ C. So Spring was only for a few days between Winter snow and Summer heat!

Since Spring is so short here, I'll concentrate on making summer clothes and layering (jackets, cardigans, etc) on top in case it's not warm enough yet. But the colours will definitely be more cheerful than the usual black, grey, navy, dark greens that I wear all through Fall and Winter. And the fabrics will be lighter and airier. I can see polka dots, and florals too!

Here are just some of the spring/summer looking stuff in my fabric stash and my refashioning stash that I'm considering working on:

(from left clockwise: patterned silk, brocade, teal silk, red silk, white embroidered linen/cotton, red linen)

Do you have a long Spring season in your part of the world? Do you have a specific Spring Wardrobe? How is your Spring sewing coming along?


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    1. Thanks Dorothy DotDot! I actually have more spring/summer looking stuff but I just wanted to concentrate on these ones for now.

  2. No such thing as Spring here. It's either cool (what the rest of the world calls winter), hot or bloody hot. Right now we are crossing over from hot to bloody hot - it was 41 degrees celcius yesterday!

    1. Thanks for your comment Gaye! I visited Thailand when I was younger. I remember the heat and the humidity as well as the abundance of mouth-watering fresh fruits! Yum......