Monday, November 18, 2013

Refashion: 80's Power Dress to Batwing short dress

I thrifted this 100% pure virgin wool jersey dress from my local thrift store for a few dollars. I liked the forest green colour and I liked wool jersey. I also liked the gold button details on the shoulder. The only problem was that I didn't examine the dress too closely and only discovered later that there were many moth holes on the dress! Still I like wearing wool dresses in the winter with leggings so I decided to do a simple refashion.

First thing first, I took off the huge shoulder pads. Now the dress just looks like a drop should dress.

Next I turn the dress inside out and put it on. I marked the hem length I wanted to cut off and pinned out the excess fabric on the body. I like the idea of a slightly bat wing dress so I didn't reposition the sleeves nor the shoulder seams.

I hemmed the dress and then painstakingly repair all of the moth holes. I hope no one notices my repairs. And here is the result:

I'm pretty happy that I have 1 more Fall/Winter wool dress to wear. Another simple refashion project!

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