Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sweater scraps blanket for toddler girl

I just made this warm wool sweater scraps blanket for my toddler girl! I'm so happy that I have enough scraps for this. I used sweater scraps from all my Sweater Refashion projects posted on this blog plus 2 failed refashioning projects. I used her current organic cotton fleece blanket as the backing for this blanket. Then I finished the edges with some pretty cotton flannel remnants from my stash. I hope this will keep her warm and toasty this winter!
I even used the bits of the cardigan where the pockets were. I really tried to use as much of the scraps as possible.....


  1. That's so lovely! The pockets are a great addition, it's cool to be able to see its origin xx

    1. Thanks Zo! I'm just glad I had enough scraps to make her a wool blanket without having to buy more thrift shop sweaters!