Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pattern Review: Simplicity 4877 Dress

Simplicity 4877 has to be my all time favourite, tried and true special occasion dress pattern. It's a stretch knit pattern and includes different sleeves options, different hem options, different length options. It has a gentle A-line and a ruched front neckline. It fits my body and my body shape so well. I have made a few dresses with this pattern already and had worn them on different special occasions. I always got compliments on them (more so than any other special occasion dresses that I have made).

The pattern is extremely simple to sew and one can just whip up a special occasion dress in less than 2 hours! Gotta love that! I made the usual short waist adjustment. For 2 of the dresses, I gathered the ruched front with a rhinestone brooch instead of sewing it down. This way I could adjust how lowI wanted the front to be depending on the stretchiness of the knit.

This is a brown poly matte jersey knee length dress with flutter sleeves. I basically made view C but in a shorter length. I wore it for a family wedding in the summer and it was super comfortable (can eat a full meal easily) and I didn't sweat much.

This dress is made with a red crinkle poly knit with a slight shimmer. I got it in the cheapy bin so I'm not entirely sure of the content. I basically made view C but omitted the sleeves. I went to a couple of X'mas parties in it. Again, super comfortable and I ate a full meal in it. I wore stiletto boots with them and made the dress a bit more rock and roll! LOL!

This next one was also in view C without the sleeves. I actually sewed down the ruched front this time and added a tab to it. You may not be able to tell because of the print of the fabric. The dress is made with a slinky sparkle knit I got from the cheapy bin again. This knit is a lot more stretchy than the other 2. I wore this to a company X'mas party. This was also super comfortable and I ate a big meal with it too!
View B has long sleeves that has a slit from the elbow down. If made in a black velvet can really look like Elvira's dress! Wouldn't that be great for a Halloween dress?? LOL!


  1. The red version is my fave... ooh la la! :)

  2. Thanks CharityShopChic! I like red too. It's my favourite colour. Even when red is not the 'trendy colour' I wear it anyways!