Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I'm back and sewing - ideas for a new project

I was sick with a flu for a week and then I had to catch up with all the errands and chores that I didn't do during that week. But now I'm back and sewing! I made some shorts for my kids with remnant fabrics as well as another remnant fabric tote for a teacher.

I thrifted a bunch of stuff to be refashioned this past week. Some of them are really promising, especially this:

It's a polyester chiffon big scarf that I can make into a dress or top. I looked through the web and found some inspirations for this piece of fabric:


Elie Saab RTW Pre-Fall 2013

What do you think? Should I make something 'practical' or 'whimsical'?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Teachers Appreciation Bags 2016

I have finished my 2016 end of year Teachers Appreciation bags. As with last year, these are made with upcycled, salvaged materials (old jeans, salvaged straps, thrifted zippers, old bed sheets, curtain remnants, stuff from the scrapped box, etc).

I'm quite happy with them. I'll let the kids decide which bag will go to which teacher. I hope the teachers like them!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

MAGAM Joyful June Refashion: Purple silk XL tunic to Dress

I thrifted this purple silk XL tunic 2 years ago at my local thrift store. I was going through a 'silk or cashmere' phase and I acquired lots of silk shirts and tunics for refashioning. I thought it would be perfect for the Make A Garment A Month Joyful June theme.

As seen in the photo, it was loose and long but not long enough for a dress. The neckline was too wide as well. The sleeves were too long and wide.

First I narrowed the body quite a bit to make it breezy but not too loose. I cut off quite a few inches off the sleeves to make it a cap sleeve dress. I wanted to add a band to the bottom to make a loose pullover dress to wear in the summer. I looked through my scraps box and found this band of leftover wine colour knit. I had just enough to make a narrow band for the bottom hem.

As for the neckline, I just made a small 3cm box pleat in the centre front  for about 3 inches to narrow the neckline a little bit. And this is the result:
I should have ironed the dress before taking the picture!

I quite like the look because it looks like those vintage dresses. If I had to make it more fitted, I guess I can wear a thin belt:

What do you think? Belt or no belt for this dress?